STS-134  Endeavour
Final Launch, May 16, 2011
  Copyright 2011, David A. Churchill
I was lucky enough to get Kennedy Space Center Causeway tickets to view the second from last ever NASA Space Shuttle Launch, and the final launch of OV-105, Endeavour (STS-134). The launch was rescheduled several times. I was present to see the launch attempt of April 29th scrubed about 3 hours before the schedule, and so returned for the successful May 16th launch.
Watching the launch was an awesome spectacle, something I will never forget. I was also able to photograph and video the launch. The images do not do it justice, but attempt to capture the moment.
The Causeway is about 6.5 miles away from the Shuttle, about as close as the public can get. I used An Astro-Physics Traveler telescope and Canon 20D to capture the images.
NASA Logos courtesy of NASA